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Truely Multi-Purpose & Outstanding Products

“Sure what we do has to make commercial sense, but it’s never the starting point. We start with the product and the user experience.” - Steve Jobs -

Spiralbean focuses on creating something meaningful and a nonsensical approach to its commercialization. We believe in the cloud and look forward to contribute more products solving diverse problems and making your life easier.


While Spiralbean does not believe that anything ever sells itself, We go with the idea that a quality product or service can be much easier to sell. We have created one heck of products
that solves a real problem. And make it simple, or as simple as possible.

  • Spiraldesk
    The central support desk

    Spiraldesk is first of its kind support desk , which is designed to connect and interact with multiple helpdesks at the same time. It handles multiple brands, multiple departments and what not !!!


    The Multi-channel Support desk

    Spiraldesk is the first of its kind support desk with the most innovative methods to open tickets . Imports your current data from virtually any helpdesk which supports API's and you can continue from where you stopped.


    Tired of signing up for multiple helpdesks or creating different departments for ecah of your brands ?. Spiraldesk is your solution.


    Integrated QA systems on the corporate perspective. Helps you review and evaluate each helpdesk users by an effective sampling method.


    A perfectly multi-brand dashboard, which draws out the stats out of each brand, department and users.

  • Offamata
    A cloud ERP solution

    Offamata an ERP designed for SME's by an SME. Its an minimal ERP, where the most core operations of an enterprise are being processed. Offamata handles the operations in the simplest form,making the organizations of your size use it.


    Plug and Play your apps

    Offamata is integrated with 10+ open-source applications which can be used for your additional requirements. We could even link your inhouse application to Offamata to make it work as a single unit.

    Highly Customizable

    Modules customizable to client requirements, be it any type of Industry.

    Cloud Based

    A cloud reseller model adaptod, we host your software safe and secure.

    Multi Currency Supported

    ERP Solution All Major Currencies Supported, easily configurable.

  • image01

    DB Central
    A central password manager

    Dbcentral is our open source initiative for a password manager.Supporting encrypted passwords and data sharing across groups. This version is a limited version of the Dbcentral which we employ inhouse.


    Share the logins across and separate by a group of people


    Data securely stored encrypted in the database and enables direct login to majority of Hosting Panels.


    Create Unlimited Servers , Unlimited Users and unlimited Everything Unlimited no strings attached