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“At Spiralbean we preserve the freshness of a new life through continual improvement.”

Spiralbean Software Solutions Pvt Ltd is an established company, which was incorporated on February 2010. We placed ourselves as a webdesign company and developed websites on Content Management Systems in the initial 4 years .

In 2014 , we shifted our focus from web-design and portals to development of Cloud Based SAAS Products.

Our clientèle ranges from start-ups to well-established companies covering a multitude of industries, from food to technology to retail, all looking to build something new and unique. With a team with a focus on creativity and new ideas, we provide quality and an unparalleled experience that guarantees results.

There are values that guide our business, our product development, and our brand. As our company continues to evolve and grow, the values remain the same.



Spiralbean has a well defined hierarchy which involves the Directors, Executive Team , Project Managers , Team Leads and the Developers/Designers. The reporting structure ensures overall product quality.



The Entire software development life cycle is handled in Spiralbean. All the processes are well documented and use of various project management tools ensures timely delivery of projects.



Spiralbean works with projects that involve development in PHP / MYSQL. The combinations of all latest frameworks are handled. Our Devops team works with Ansible and chef , clubbed with Git.



We specialize in product Development, Plugin Development for CMS , Hosting Portals based on WHMCS. The expertize extends to the latest MVC frameworks such as Laravel , NodeJS and AngularJS


The Word “Spiral” stands for the software development life cycle indicating continual improvement towards
perfection. It also stands for the continual and spiral growth . The word “Bean” stands for any seed
that gives rise to a new life. And Hence “SpiralBean” .

2010 - Feb

Humble Beginnings

febr - 2010 : strat up
The start of a new journey with Spiralbean took off like a feather flight - Slow and Steady

June - 2010 : Offamata – An ERP Solution
The product that moved Spiralbean in to the league of Product Development took off and made the first Signup from Sultanate of Oman

2011 - 2012

Offamata Alpha Release

march - 2011 : Offamata Alpha Release
Released Version 1.0 for Offamata for Trading Companies, with a new improved interface.

septemper - 2011 : Websites
Completed delivery of the 50th Website . This was a proud moment for Spiralbean. And we will continually deliver quality websites

october - 2012 : WHMCS Portals
Started the development of protals based on WHMCS Billing system with joombyte.com. This is a turning point in the history of Spiralbean , as it opened a whole new range of oppurtunities

2013 - 2014

New Home Spiralbean

March - 2013 : Offamata – Projects
Released the Alpha Version 2.0 with an alternate version for Project Management Companies . The interface was switched to a mobile first concept. Our first step to responsive designs.

sept - 2013 : New Home
Spiralbean proudly announces the completion of the infrastructure owned and operated by the company. We will be moving in September 2013, marking the first corporate office for Spiralbean for all future endeavours. Better working environment guarantee's much productive brains, and as always we believe in work with fun. Smiles are all what we have on our faces, while we are working, and that is what Spiralbean always counts on, even then the steps are hard to climb :)

dec - 2013 : Spybees– The Concept
A concept of a unique helpdesk was proposed and the protype development was started. This is a product that could change the way Spiralbean works and places itself in the industry

april - 2014 : BackupC- A Simple cpanel migration tool
Supportlobby,the sister company of Spiralbean that offers a Cpanel Migration Simplifier named as Backup C.Cpanel backups created over simple clicks . Delays in Migration, nullifed!!.Its an opensource,just three steps you can easily made your Cpanel backup . URL : backupc.supportlobby.com

june - 2014 : DBCentral – An Open source initiative
Spiralbean proudly released our password management tool with a GPL License. DBCentral is an OpenSource system,that offers Server list Management & Password Management.It helps to manage your server list better.A Perfect Client and Server List Manager. Its available for download in http:// .supportlobby.com

august - 2014 : Spybees – Prototype
The Spybees prototype was released and was put to use by Supportlobby on an Active style to get feedbacks on UI/UX . An addon was also built for QA purpose

November - 2014 : Flight to Malaysia
Spiralbean entered in to a strong tie up with Malaysia, starting off a prestigious project for a leading Oil & Gas Company

December - 2014 : Focus Shift
Spiralbean had its first focus shift in 4 years. This was a leap of faith where we decided to shift our focus from website designs , CMS development to a product , DevOps Approach


The Beginning is the most important part of any Project.

Great WebApplications and Cloud products should evoke an emotional response first and then it should enter your brain

Using the Wireframes created after the targeted Requirement study enables us to analyse what lies in your heart.

The approaches for each project may be different depending on where your heart lies, however each approach focuses on the ways to optimize the overall frame of the application, the program flow, logical dependencies and the apt look and feel. Spiralbean always works closer to your heart to create the image in your brain


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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together
is progress. Working together is success."
- Henry Ford -